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Kloft-Retarder - Built for your safety

        Kloft Retarder GmbH was founded 25 years ago by the senior owner Mr. Lothar Kloft. 5 years later both his sons joined him to run their truck repair and installation workshop, situated in Selters, Hessen, Germany (famous for its “Selters water”) They soon had to expand their workshop area due to the amount of Retarder installation work and in 1993 they moved to a new 10,000 M² propose built workshop and office complex near the A3 highway just north of Frankfurt. Here the workshop has 2 long pits which will take 4 HGV Retarder fitments and a third pit for end control and finishing work. There is also a drive shaft storage area, Retarder and parts warehouse, and a large parking area is next to the workshop.

       The market for Retarders is not only for the 18 wheeler and truck market, but they are also suitable for passenger buses, parcel delivery & emergency service vehicles, and motorhome application, in fact any vehicle above 3 tons with rear wheel drive. Kloft Retarder GmbH. offers a range of 10 driveline retarders ranging from 420 to 3300 Newton meters and 6 transmission mounted retarders from 1000 to 3300 Newton meters, they also have a special range of retarders suitable for brake and dynamometer emission testing equipment.

       Kloft Retarders GmbH. have a large selection of chassis mounting brackets and wiring diagrams which allows fitment to almost any type of vehicle, they also have the authorization from all the major European truck, bus and chassis manufactures allowing Retarders to be retro-fitted to their vehicles.

       Kloft Retarders have been tested by the German motor vehicle testing authority (TÜV), and have been accepted in the industry as a third, maintaince and ware free, braking system.

        Over the years Kloft Retarder GmbH have further developed and improved the Retarder so that with the use of aluminum they are today 35% lighter than other Retarders with the same braking torque, Kloft’s latest development is a fully electronic Retarder control box for which Mr. Kloft now holds the world patent. This control unit incorporates many new functions including a down hill constant speed control.

        All the retarders are produced to ISO 9001 quality assurance standards by our partner company “Pentar” in Spain. This company has a long tradition with retarders and cooperation with Kloft.

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